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Current and Ongoing Research Projects

Gender and Judging in Africa

This research agenda seeks to explain the presence, purpose and product of women judges within African judiciaries. Born out of the edited book on Gender and Judging in Africa: From obscurity to parity?, this project documents and analyzes the pathways for women entering the judiciary, the roles they play as arbiters of justice and the contributions they make to the judiciary, democratic norms and women's rights. It challenges the failure of existing scholarship on women in politics and law in Africa to engage with questions of gender and judging in Africa. For more information, read Gender and the Judiciary in Africa: From Obscurity to Parity?

Lawyers in Society

This project interrogates existing scholarship on the legal profession in Africa.  In particular  it focuses on the role of the African lawyer across multiple sectors of society. I investigate the development of legal education and the types of lawyers of legal practice.

 Women in the Legal Profession

This project examines women in different legal spaces in Africa including women in academia, law firms, domestic judiciaries and international tribunals. 

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