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Having benefited from many exceptional professors throughout the years, I strive each day to be a great teacher and to give my students the best academic experience they will encounter during their time in my class and beyond. My teaching philosophy is anchored in Four Pillars: Respect, Engage, Advance and Produce (R.E.A.P).


RESPECT:   I respect the inherent human rights and dignity of all my students.


ENGAGE:    I engage my students through high standards of intellectual reasoning and thinking and                      challenge them to high expectations.


ADVANCE:  I provide a classroom environment to advance my student's thinking and writing skills.


PRODUCE:  I help my students get to the level where they can produce both written and oral         

                  academic works that meet high national standards. 


In my efforts to REAP, I have on occasion come across to my students as unyielding and demanding (that is what they have told me).  My efforts are designed to get the very best out of my students and to stimulate intellectual approaches to the issues. My goal is to teach, to challenge and to engage. I aim to bring out the best in my students and to learn from their experiences as a way to improve on my teaching. It is a win-win situation! 

Nea onim-life long learning
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